As The member of Tour Guides Association,We have the responsibility to satisfy our guests.After having long years experiences in handling many kinds of Oversea Visitors from all over the world,We have an idea to have the standart in serving our clients,with our own style , based on our good experiences in the past.This company,Jogja Tour Guide was set up in 2003 by The Groups of Senior Tour Guide in Jogjakarta from various Foreign Languges background.We completely understand that to run a tour operator company in Jogjakarta,We do need the money,so We collect our money to start running this Tour Business.15 brand new cars from major brand were purchased in 2003 to make this tour operator run.Until finally our company,Jogja Tour Guide is growing and growing and trusted by a lot of overseas customers to organize their vacation in Jogja,borobudur,Bromo,West java,Jakarta,as well as to organize regular arrival for the very famous classical tour , such as Java to Bali Overland Tours,started from Jakarta in various numbers of day,Based on the availibility of our customers length of stay.We are available not only for organizing tours,but also some important events both for your family and your company from the very low end up to the high standart of 5 stars hotel or resort category.

All of our members used to work for many kinds Oversea Travel Agencies,so All top services which have been provided , exactly our ideas,with other word We know how to satisfy your travel taste. our realible partner in bromo,learn more...


Our Warm Greeting from Jogja-island of Java


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As The Frontliners of Tourism Business in Jogja , The island of Java and Indonesia in general,We have the responsibility to satisfy our customers,that`s the only reason We set up an integrated tour service who cover the following items:


We operate own good and brand new vehicles,so We do not have to rent from some other company else,It means the benefit for our customers for the better transport services in affordable rate.

We also have the long years network relationship with so many hotels,villas,and guesthouses in the entire destination of java and bali to beat all offering rates from other sources,so book a hotel room from jogja tour guide will be absolutely a smart way for your vacation in our home city,Jogja or yogyakarta as well as in our home island , the beautiful Java.

We are available even for only Tour Information for 24Hours daily as our responsiblity to give the up to date explanation about averything related with the tour to Jogja and Java.
For all your travel need , do not hesitate to contact us at these following dials


Our comitment is:


Airport Office :
Bandara Jogja international airport
Jalan Solo km 8 Adisucipto
Open from 06.00 - 21.00 daily

Head Quarter :
Seturan 16 A Jogjakarta
Phone : + 62 8289 2879 968
Fax : + 62 274 446 3639



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